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Yoga  + Meditation

"Yoga with Mary is a deep, soulful experience where the intensity is guided by healing energy that comes from a gentle softening and surrendering. Her nurturing style allows for healing to emerge naturally. It is a beautiful practice that nourishes the body, mind and spirit."
Molly Palmer

I thrive on teaching gentle, personalized small-group classes, series and worksops as a contracted teacher. My classes are designed to create a welcoming and empowering experience for my students. My goal is to guide as each student learns which postures feel good in their own bodies. I utilize healing methods from various traditions and encourage curiosity and experimentation as each student discovers their ideal practice.

Private Instruction

May include Restorative and/or Yin Yoga practice. We will invite the body to unwind, encouraging the mind to settle into a state of peace and serenity.

Choose from Mindfulness meditation to center awareness, Guided Visualization for healing and energy-balancing or Yoga Nidra to calm the Central Nervous System.

I love weaving disciplines of Aromatherapy, Thai Massage, Meditation and Reiki healing into my classes as an added benefit to your experience.


*Compensation for private instruction is determined by class length,
group size and requested services.
Goat Yoga

I do hope to teach yoga/mindfulness with animals again someday in a way that is gentle and healing for all involved. I recognize that there is a fine line between creativity and appropriation. 

*Please note that  I do not support or endorse Vail Stables, their business practices or guest interactions in any way.  I was appalled by my observations of their treatment of both people and animals, which is why I ceased teaching goat yoga for them.
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