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Workshops & Trainings

Chakra Series

Weekend immersion or Module format

Learn the basics of the 7 main Chakras

Excessive/Deficient Characteristics

Balancing Tools & Practices


Reiki for Self-Care

Learn the history & basics of Reiki

Practice Reiki for self-healing

Ongoing mentorship

Yoga & Writing

Guided meditation

Heart-centered practice

Connect with inner voice

Practices to express from the heart

Tools to balance the heart and throat Chakras

This Naked Mind: 6-week Mindfulness Series

Drawing on insight from This Naked Mind by Annie Grace:

Cultivate a mindful relationship with alcohol

Guided meditation & inquiry

Cultivate self-compassion

Ease stress & anxiety


Nonviolent Communication

The Yamas + Niyamas

Past Workshops & Specialty Classes

"Goat Yoga"

Gentle Yoga + Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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